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Helping us

Each year the government statistics show older people are living longer. With age come frailty, aches and pains, isolation ad often depression. This leads to the older person finding it hard to maintain a decent standard of living, getting out to see friends, doing the shopping or a simple thing like chatting or seeing a familiar face.

This is where we help

Independent Care Services (ICS) a project of Inkerman Housing Association provides care and support that other providers donít.

We do not receive any statutory funding for this project, so its continuance depends on fund raising from individuals and charitable trusts. This is a challenge when so many charitable organisations are chasing after an ever-decreasing pool of non-statutory funds.

Your donations

If you would like to help us maintain this valuable service, your contribution will be gratefully received and acknowledged.Please send your donation to:

The Chair
Inkerman House
14-18 Nevern Road

We will keep in touch with you and will invite you to functions throughout the year.

We look forward to hear from you.

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